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 We work with a number of provisions external to the school to support our children and young people with curriculum, enrichment, mentoring and alternative to what we can offer in school. 

There is a directory which Somerset Council keep up-to-date to support finding appropriate provisions. 

Somerset Alternative Provisions

We are pleased to announce that the Polden Bower Outreach and Training Booklet (in collaboration with The Bridge School) is now live and taking bookings.

We have been developing a training offer which we hope will offer school staff the opportunity to access a variety of training courses at an accessible rate. We will be taking advantage of the skilled and knowledgeable staff across our partnership and federated schools to share information that we hope will benefit you and your schools. 

The sessions will all be 1 hr 30 minutes and will take place over the Microsoft Teams platform between 2 - 3:30 pm. This has been done to help keep costs at a low rate (£25.00) and also enable school staff to attend as part of their school day. We are also able to announce that we have managed to secure the bookings of some well-respected keynote speakers who will also be sharing their knowledge throughout the academic year as part of this training offer.

The full online training booklet can be accessed here:
 (If you would like a PDF of the booklet, please email

Training courses can be booked here:
 or via the QR code in the booklet (at a cost of £25.00 per training session).

At this early stage we are hoping to gauge interest and if successful we have plans to further widen our training offer in the future.

If you have any questions about the booklet, you can email on our dedicated training email address on:

Polden Bower Outreach Training Booklet