The Bridge School

Albert Street

Albert St contains the other half of our CORE department for KS4 students and our secondary day six excluded provision.

For the Core key stage 4 students the focus is on identifying and transitioning students to their post 16 destinations, be that education, employment or training. 

Students are placed here who need more support and intervention than our main KS4 offer at New Prospects. We have two groups based here, Pillars group who are not yet ready for a formal curriculum and need a high level of social, emotional and vocational support and our Bridge group who are beginning to reengage with academic learning and transition into New Prospects. 

Students who work at Albert Street have a focus on offsite vocational provision that delivers experience of the workplace, including construction on live sites under mentoring programs and sports coaching and reengagement programs based at the YMCA. Students work on discrete focused maths and English projects and receive PSHE and RSE group work.

We have a small group of Key stage 2 and 3 pupils who have an Education, Health and Care Plan. This group of students follow a primary model curriculum with a focus on the following areas:

  • Structure and routine
  • Nurture principles 
  • Communication 
  • Sensory processing 

Students in this group are placed by the Local Authority following formal consultation with the school. 

 Also placed at albert street are our day six secondary group these students are key stage 3 and 4 who have been excluded from a mainstream school and are awaiting transition to the next school. they follow a short twelve week programmes of study to address the reasons they were unsuccessful in their previous school and prepare them for their next school.

The Expectation is that most students are with us for around 12 weeks and can join us at anytime in the year, the units of work are flexible for them to fit in around a 12 week rolling program.

The academic focus is on key literary and numeracy skills we deliver PSHE, RSE, ICT as our core offer and much of the time is spent on interventions to prepare them to manage school

Day 6 Curriculum Overview