The Bridge School

Albert Street

The majority of children and young people who arrive at Albert Street have been permanently excluded from mainstream school. Some have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Whilst there is a key focus on curriculum for this group of children and young people, there is also a focus on understanding why they were excluded, why they found school tricky and what will help them to be successful when they transition to their new school. 

There is also a focus on baseline and diagnostic assessments to ensure we have a clear and full understanding of a child and young person's strengths and needs which supports their time at The Bridge School, but also feeds into their transition plan as they prepare for their next placement. 

Some young people are unable to move back to a mainstream school, when this is decided we work towards a transition to our key stage 4 provision at New Prospects. 

The curriculum at Albert Street, albeit provides a short term curriculum, follows the same key concepts for the rest of the school which ensures if they move across to a different provision within The Bridge School, there are clear curriculum links. 

Due to the nature of the provision being planned to be short term, the curriculum is designed in 12 week blocks. This enables a young person to enter the school at any point and the curriculum will not be repeated during their time at the school.