The Bridge School



Our Key Stage 2 and 3 SEND provision consists of children and young people that have existing EHCP's (Educational Health Care Plans) with a primary need that is SEMH (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) focussed. Their EHCP's outline their strengths, their needs, their outcomes (short term & long-term) and what their provision should look like.
The curriculum adopts an individualised, nurturing approach to learning - centred around the well-being, interests and needs of the child - where we recognise and celebrate each individuals’ strengths and successes. We aim to create personal growth and aspirations in each of the young people in this group through engaging activities and individualised support.
The curriculum is planned in a thematic approach, this is used to hook the children and young people into learning and provide real concepts to learning. This also enables learning to be practical and fun. Children and young people will learn facts and knowledge but whilst making and doing things.

Once a long term school place has been agreed, we plan and support a transition process which supports the successful future placement. All children and young people who start with us at The Bridge school have baseline assessments, which include a Boxall Profile to ensure that we have a continual focus on their social and emotional development alongside their academic achievements.
The majority of young people who join us at The Bridge School have experienced trauma in their early life and many have had a very troubled time within a mainstream school, some have had poor attendance and many have found it difficult to access a mainstream curriculum.

There is a core focus on Reading for all children and young people, they engage in daily reading through the DEAR focus (Drop Everything and Read). We also follow the Sounds-Write Phonics programme to ensure that they have continual teaching in Phonics to support their reading.