The Bridge School


Our Cossington site provides a base for children and young people who are permanently excluded from mainstream primary schools and key stage 2 & 3 children who have been referred to us from the Local Authority(SEN Department) for high needs places under a Education Healthcare Plan Via a consultation process.

The Day Six primary excluded students are with us until their next school is identified and we support a transition to their new placement. The SEN consult students are with us ordinarily for at least key stage.

Primary Curriculum Overview

This curriculum focus on core English and Maths, but also focuses on supporting and scaffolding the children and young people around social, emotional and mental health needs. Children and young people are registered at their next school through Allocations Panel which is run by the Local Authority.

There is a key focus on returning young people to mainstream school as soon as they are ready to give them the best chance of success. The team from The Bridge School support these transitions, providing a familiar and trusted adult who advices the new placement, shares relevant and key information and supports transition. 

There is a small group of Key stage 2 & 3 children with Education, Health and Care Plans. The needs of these students encompass a diverse and complex range, there can be significant age related gaps in their academic, social and emotional progress

The children have been placed at The Bridge School by the Local Authority following consultation with the school. The children follow a primary curriculum based on their needs which focuses on:

  • Structure and routine
  • Communication
  • Sensory processing 
  • Nurture principles

The Partnership work runs from Cossington site, providing a range of support and interventions both within the mainstream schools and at the centre. 

Please see the Partnership Page for more information and directory of interventions.

Students in this group are placed by the Local Authority following formal consultation with the school