The Bridge School


 The Bridge School Curriculum has different strands due to the nature of the children and young people who are referred to the school and their individual strengths and needs. Whilst we are ultimately a short term provision for the majority of children and young people who attend the school, there are some children and young people who remain on roll at The Bridge School for a longer period of time. 


The curriculum is flexible to meet these varying needs and to ensure for all children and young people there is a sequenced, carefully designed curriculum which delivers core skills alongside a broad and enriching offer across a wide range of other subjects. 


Curriculum Map


 The Bridge School Curriculum is built on key concepts for each group which runs through the curriculum. Key concepts are the 'big ideas' that shape children and young people's thinking within each subject.

The same key concepts will be explored across each phase (group) and young people will gradually increase their understanding of them. 


Breadth provides the context for exploring the key concepts, it has 2 roles:

KNOWLEDGE: concepts need knowledge to make sense. Knowledge provides context, a hook to draw children and young people into learning, it is a way of teaching skills, vocabulary and facts. 

MASTERY: Over time, young people will continue to develop skills through the key concepts explored through the curriculum. The revisiting of skills will ensure mastery of key skills over time.

Within each subject area, there will be key concepts which will thread through the long term planning. This will ensure whilst there is breadth in context over time, there will also be opportunity for young people to build on prior learning, transfer concepts, skills and knowledge and will work towards mastery in key concepts over time. 

You will find more information about the curriculum for each group of young people on the Albert Street, New Prospects and Cossington pages. 

There are a small group of young people who find working in a classroom difficult, they need a practical approach to their learning which is engaging and includes off-site activities. Young people can be moved into this group within key stage 3 and 4, the curriculum is focused around a 'Big Question' which takes a thematic approach. There is always a continued focus on English and Maths, but often delivered in a less formal approach. More information can be found on the 'Focus Group' page.