The Bridge School

Personal Development

At The Bridge School, Personal Development is the thread that runs through the curriculum, across the timetabled day including leisure time, and offers our young people the strategies and skills they need to become active, responsible and respectful members of the wider community. Children and young people are known and celebrated as individuals and are challenged to be their very best through the core curriculum, wider curriculum and enrichment opportunities offered to all.

Through personal development, we aim to develop:

  • Responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults

  • Children and young people's understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance

  • Children and young people's character, which Ofsted defines as a set of positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues that informs their motivation and guides their conduct so that they reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others

  • Children and young people's confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy

  • Children and young people’s understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving ample opportunities for Students to be active during the school day and through extra-curricular activities

  • Children and young people's age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate relationships and sex education