The Bridge School

New Prospects

The Bridge School, Sedgemoor works in collaboration with mainstream secondary schools in Sedgemoor to support young people who have been, or are at risk of, permanent exclusion. 

Our Key stage 4 provision is based at New Prospects in Bridgwater and offers a broad curriculum incorporating both vocational and academic pathways to meet the needs of all learners. The curriculum reflects the school’s context and community – whilst remaining broad, balanced and knowledge rich. 

There is a key focus on preparing students for their Post 16 provision both practically with qualifications and experiences, but also socially and emotionally. Consideration is always given to what being prepared for next steps and future life looks like for each individual. We take into account what is important in our local community and ensure learning experiences are varied and broad - thus ensuring that students secure placements after school with either local colleges, apprenticeships, employment or training. 

There are a number of reasons why a student may be at New Prospects:

1. Some students are placed here through consultation with the local authority due to their Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

2. Some students will be referred by their secondary school for short term intervention (usually 6 weeks either full or part time).The interventions within this provision are agreed collectively by the secondary schools through partnership panel. 

3. Some students will have been permanently excluded from mainstream school and it is collectively agreed through partnership panel that they should remain at Bridge School to complete KS4.

4. For academic year 2022/2023 there are an additional 10 full time partnership places available for KS4 students. Students will be referred by their secondary schools through a mutually agreed process - which ensures equitability across all of the secondary schools in Sedgemoor. These places are subsidised by Bridgwater Education Trust (BET). 

5. A small number of students are referred to The Bridge School for medical tuition. These students are referred from their schools (primary and secondary)  for support whilst they are not able to attend their mainstream school due to medical or mental health needs. They are dual registered with us and we provide their education in consultation with medical professionals. We also link with Wessex House which supports young people who are admitted to the unit for support. 

Students at New Prospects cover a range of core subjects and opt for a range of vocational subjects and short courses:

Column A


Column B

Yr 10 - Choose 2

Year 11 - Choose 1

Column C

All - Choose 2

Only 1 x Art and 1 x food option across B and C


Hospitality BTEC Tech

Citizenship short course

English Language


Geography short course 

Combined Science (2 GCSEs)

Construction in the built environment BTEC Tech

Sports Award

ICT Functional Skills L1/L2

Hairdressing L1 BTEC

Art Award


Sport BTEC Tech

Home Cooking Skills


GCSE Food and Nutrition

Introductory award in Business

 CIAG (careers)


Drama short course


Enterprise BTEC Tech

Introduction to DT


Extra Science GCSE





KS4 Curriculum Overview

There are a small group of students who find being in a school setting very challenging and therefore require a bespoke curriculum which meets their very individual needs. This group of students often have 1:1 support and their curriculum is met through a variety of off-site provisions, this often involves mentoring, coaching and targeted support focused on their next steps in education or employment.