The Bridge School

Our School

The Bridge School, Sedgemoor is split across three sites, two in Bridgwater and one just outside the town in Cossington. 

New Prospects

New Prospects is situated on Westonzoyland Road in the heart of Bridgwater. New Prospects is the main base for the school. David Kennedy - Head of School is based here along with a main base for the Assistant Heads of the school. 

This base is predominantly for the Key Stage four students and offers both a vocational and academic learning environment.  

Students at New Prospects can be referred via numerous pathways including:

  • SEN Consults (Children with EHCPs)
  • Fixed term pieces of partnership work with schools.
  • Children who have been permanently excluded and would benefit from staying at Bridge to finish KS4.
  • Medical referrals.
  • For 2022/23 full time partnership places supported by Bridgwater Education Trust

Albert Street 

Albert Street has three distinct groups of learners:

  • Day 6 education for children in KS3 and KS4. These students will follow a core curriculum as well as a social and emotional programme to prepare them for a return to a mainstream setting.
  •  Bridge Group: Some of our students need an increased level of social and emotional support before they can successfully access a learning environment. The curriculum for this small group of children aims to provide an environment in which children who feel disengaged are able to regain focus and move forwards positively towards  re-engagement to New Prospects or to their post 16 destinations.    Students will be encouraged to reflect on choices they have made and the impact of those choices not only on themselves but to others.  We explore where things have gone wrong in order to equip the students with vital communication skills and greater awareness of social acceptability.  Students receive individualised support addressing their behaviours of concern to allow them to re-set their mindset and aspirations. This enables them to resume learning with clear direction and purpose.
  •  Finally, Albert street is the base for our extended student support group. Students in this group are those who have been identified as needing an even greater level of support in addition to our core and Bridge group offer, with the intent to help them to overcome their individual barriers to learning. The approach to their learning needs to be different.  This group has a programme that focus’ on building the foundations of social and emotional skills that will lead them to be ready to access a more conventional curriculum. The curriculum is strengthened with support from a number of external agencies such as: Pyramid Mentoring, REACH, Bridgwater Town FC,  the YMCA and numerous work experience providers. The extended student support curriculum adopts an individualised, nurturing approach to learning - centred around the wellbeing, interests and needs of the child, where we recognise and celebrate each individuals’ strengths and successes. We aim to create personal growth and aspirations in each of the young people in this group through engaging activities and personalised, targeted support.


Cossington is a small village 5 miles from the centre of Bridgwater and hosts 3 main groups of students:

  • Our primary nurture base is based at Cossington. Children who have been excluded from primary school and are awaiting transition to their new school will be supported here.
  • Cossington is also home to our KS1 - KS3 SEN children. All the children within this group have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) and have been placed at The Bridge School by the Local Authority SEN team through formal consultation. 
  • We also run our short term social skills interventions at Cossington, where children and young people  are referred from their mainstream schools and can attend for a fixed number of session per week to access social and emotional interventions.