The Bridge School

Our School

The Bridge School, Sedgemoor is split across three sites, two in Bridgwater and one just outside the town in Cossington. 

New Prospects

New Prospects is situated on Westonzoyland Road in the heart of Bridgwater. New Prospects is the main base for the school. David Kennedy - Head of School is based here.

This base is predominantly for the Key Stage four students and offers both a vocational and academic learning environment.  

Young people at New Prospects can be referred via numerous pathways including:

  • SEN Consults (Children with EHCPs)
  • Fixed term pieces of partnership work with schools.
  • Children who have been permanently excluded and would benefit from staying at Bridge to finish their KS4 education.
  • Medical referrals.
  • Full-time placement through the Secondary Heads referral and agreement.

We have a small group of young people who find attending school very difficult, they need a very different curriculum to their peers, whilst being based at New Prospects, they spend the majority of their time working in the community. Their learning is project based with a focus on employment skills which prepares them for their post 16 destination.

Albert Street 

Albert Street provides the main base for young people in key stages 3 & 4 who have been permanently excluded from mainstream school. We provide full time education for young people focusing on their transition to a new mainstream placement.

We also have a small cohort of young people in Key Stage 3 who need a small nurture based provision, these are young people with Social, emotional and mental health needs as identified through their Education, Health and Care Plan. 


Cossington is a small village 5 miles from the centre of Bridgwater and provides a small nurture base for our primary and some key stage 3 children. The majority of children within this group have an Education, Health and Care Plan. We also host our children who have been permanently excluded from mainstream primary schools at Cossington. 

Children work in small groups and access a curriculum which links closely to the primary national curriculum.