The Bridge School

Sedgemoor Learning Partnership

The Bridge School, Sedgemoor joined a formal partnership with Polden Bower School in 2019. The partnership grew further in September 2021 when Avalon School in Street joined a hard federation with Polden Bower School. 

Helen Farnell is the Executive Headteacher for all three schools within the partnership. 

Each school has a Head of School who is responsible for the day to day management and organisation of the school. 

David Kennedy is the Head of School at The Bridge School, Sedgemoor 

The Head of School at Polden Bower is Andrew Laurence

The partnership has enabled shared leadership and shared resources such as premises, IT and business functions. There are also lots of opportunities where staff come together for training and sharing expertise, knowledge and resources. 

Across the schools, there are specialist facilities which are shared and available to all children and young people. 

To find out more about the schools in the Partnership, Please see the links to their websites below:

Avalon School Polden Bower School